Who We Are

The BCFF is a charitable organization working to improve quality of life and create opportunities for growth in area communities. We accomplish this through our mission, which is to inspire investment in Boone County. This investment allows our organization to help identify and fund projects and initiatives that preserve and enhance our communities. This ability to put dollars to work at a local level is made possible by the generosity of many residents and friends of the area.

The BCFF was founded in 1993 by Jim & Elaine Wolf. Since that time, our permanently endowed fund has grown to $1.6M. Just five years ago, it was $500k. Because of this significant growth, the BCFF can now expend approximately $70K each year. To uphold our commitment and mission, the BCFF has prioritized several initiatives to help assure the highest community benefit:

  • Annual Grant Program: Funding through our annual grant programming is used by local organizations to purchase much-needed materials, technology, leadership training, programming, and more.
  • Boone County Big Give: This annual giving week creates an opportunity for local charitable organizations to
    tell their story and reach more people.
  • Cardinal Kids Club: Provided active leadership and initial funding to initiate an after school program at Boone Central, which extended to full time care this summer.
  • Childcare Shortage: The BCFF is working with area businesses and other organizations to help resolve our county-wide childcare shortage.
  • Boone County Trails System: Members of our advisory committee served on the trails committee, in addition to the fund granting $5,000 toward the project.
  • County-Wide Visioning Sessions: The BCFF hosts county-wide visioning meetings to foster collaboration, identify and address core needs for our communities.
  • Sub-Accounts for Local Projects: The Albion Family Aquatic Center, Boone Central Fine Arts project, and other local initiatives have achieved their fundraising goals by utilizing a sub account through the BCFF.
  • Local Donor Hub: Often times people are interested in giving back but aren’t certain of where their gift can do the most good. By giving to the BCFF, you know that your dollars will be put to work for projects with the highest need in Boone County.
  • Estate Planning Workshops: We regularly host retirement/estate planning workshops to help our community members learn more about their options and opportunities.

The communities we serve include:
Cedar Rapids
Saint Edward