Boone County Child Care

The Boone County Foundation Fund advisory committee continually seeks opportunities to enhance quality of life across the county. Currently one of the most pressing challenges in this area is child care. Two initiatives are in place: Cardinal Kids Club, an after school program in coordination with Boone Central Schools, and traditional daycare needs.

Cardinal Kids Club
Cardinal Kids Club will be an after-school expanded learning opportunity for kids in Kindergarten through fifth grades (launched fall 2017).

The program provides after school care, including homework assistance, snacks, and active play. However, students also have the opportunity to take part in hands-on learning activities that are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) driven and are aligned with Nebraska readiness standards.

Boone Central Schools is one of five districts across the state benefiting from an $893,000 grant to develop expanded learning opportunities for children. This grant program is led through a partnership between the Nebraska Department of Education and Beyond School Bells.

Boone Central Schools is working in partnership with the Boone County Foundation Fund to create a model that is community driven and capitalizes on the resources that are available within Albion and the surrounding areas.

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Daycare Initiative
The Boone County Foundation Fund is exploring the concept of a community based child care center. This data will assist in establishing community need and interest in a community child care facility. Child care availability and quality affects all community members with and without children. Specifically, child care impacts economic development. Without child care businesses are unable to hire and retain employees with children.

If you live in Boone County, please take the time to complete the following anonymous survey. All of the information you provide helps steer decision making and the planning process. We truly appreciate your input on or before August 15.…/1FAIpQLSfP-5_WKMz89SAV6V…/viewform